Relevance of a Guru Purnima

Relevance of a Guru Purnima
July 24, 2021 MCKS Trust Fund

In a world of information overload, where humans are met with the amount of information that none of our ancestors ever had to deal with, it is but natural for there to be just as much misinformation. Misinformation- leading to confusion and leaving us in a constant stupor of fear and inaction. Matters of the mind and beyond that cannot be understood by our limited capacity oftentimes leave us feeling inadequate.
This is where we need someone skilled who pulls us out of the drowning state.
A teacher. A teacher, not of an ordinary stature but one who helps us dive into the truth and grasp the essence of invaluable teachings. One who nurtures us- body mind and soul and helps us become capable of braving through storms of life whilst remaining calm, composed, kind and faithful.
This is the closest to what our limited vocabularies can help us reach to describing the ever-expansive role of a guru.
The word guru is composed of ‘gu’ which means darkness and ‘ru’ which means the dispeller. Guru is someone who dispels darkness- darkness of ignorance. It is only with the help of his light that the world and beyond starts to make sense. Pregnant with light, the guru enables and equips a disciple or a chela to be a better instrument of God’s love, light and power aspects and to be of service to humankind.

When we talk about Guru Purnima, we cannot help but think of our guru, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui who just like the sun always keeps radiating light, making the teachings simple and clear. Our teacher always gave us freedom of thought, the freedom to experiment with his teachings and then to reach on our own informed conclusions. It is only under the guidance of such a teacher than one can expect the students to discriminate and discern.

Grand Master didn’t just preach but also set an example by embodying the teachings of loving kindness and generosity. Master Stephen Co. recalls that this one tie they were walking on the street and there was a beggar on the side of the street. Grand Master pulled young Master Stephen Co to the corner, took out a hundred- dollar bill from his wallet and instructed it be given to the beggar. Master Stephen Co was a little perplexed but followed the teacher’s instructions.
Later Grand Master said that today, the beggar had his life transformed. He had probably lost hope in humanity that people would think lowly of him and toss him aside. To actually get that much, he realized that there is still good in the world.
Master Stephen Co. goes on to say he realized that by living the teachings, Grand Master inspires us to follow him, practice the teachings and enrich our lives.
It is in this spirit of giving and taking care of fellow brethren, providing a nourished life to everyone on all levels- [physical, emotional, mental and spiritual that Grand Master Choa Kok Sui established MCKS Trust Fund in the January of 1999.

Today, on the auspicious occasion of celebrating the Guru and all that he has done and continues to do for all of us, we, at MCKS Trust Fund thank the teacher a thousand times and yet again remind ourselves to follow into his footsteps and strive to bring heaven on earth.